Thanksgiving roles

When I first met him, Casey was deep in his passion for all things Native American which made our move to Colorado all the more attractive.

On one of our earliest Christmases together, I gave him a Play Mobil buffalo from their Native American series (to keep the child alive inside); and on another Christmas, my sister gifted him a small set with another buffalo and two figures.

Years later, as new parents, we had saved up enough to buy #3870–the entire Play Mobil Native American world.

We take it out every Thanksgiving. Still.

Early on, however, I was disappointed at the few roles afforded me. While there were several male figures, adorned with headdresses and horse companions, there were only two female figures in the entire set: a woman and a child. (Oh, wait, we’ve just checked: the child is a little boy.)

At the time, I searched in stores, but there were no other women to be purchased. Thus, I spent my time tending the fire and the child, preparing food in the small wooden like bowls, and gathering berries in baskets.

I actually preferred this to riding the horses out into the wild desert, and besides that my long skirt was solid and thus I couldn’t mount the horses.

No matter though, because it’s been some time since I’ve been asked to play (my boys are 22 and 17); which led to me to consider this morning whether I might want to lend the set to neighbors until there are grandchildren in our home.

But then it occurred to me that my neighbors have daughters and what will they glean of the absence of women (and children for that matter.)

Maybe they too will come to forget that they once loved to ride into the mountains when they were girls.

Turns out the Chief’s headdress is removable and I’ve asked my son to check to see if it fits on her head.

And to our surprise.
It does.


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