Light meets Light

Longest Day~Night and morning meet, like waves across the sea, one warm, one cool, like the fresh air meeting my steamy skin, waking me, before 5 am, to a sky already lightening, while the solar-powered lights still twinkle over the outdoor tub, and my husband snores beside me, having finished another year teaching history, and having led his last yoga class of the season, and having both stayed up too late at the bar, drinking dark beer on the deck–on this, the longest day of the year–steeping in saxophone and bass guitar and tenor vocals, as the sky fades, and the torches light, and the regulars arrive, and surprised to see us, say, “We didn’t know you came out for music,” while another asks about yoga, “I might need you soon,” he says to my husband; and how did we, who met like opposite waves, across a bar, all those years ago, become one, in a home, wrapped up in all this consciousness and love and perception, so that as I rise, he says, “Are you getting up? You’ve only had 4 hours of sleep,” no matter that we once barely slept between the time at the bar and between the sheets, before our mid-day double on the deck, beside the sea, where all the spaciousness out there, reflected all we felt inside, and hadn’t yet realized…


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