Spring Renewal

As the tide of parenting recedes, we turn more and more toward our relationship, not just on the inside, which we always tend, but also to the outside–the outer expression of us–with dates and getaways and new endeavors, and to the physical space we share in our home.

Since we met and married in spring, this time of year presents a ripe invitation for relational awakening. Thus, despite the arrival of fresh snow this early April morning, we take down the red curtains that created the soothing cocoon in autumn and winter and exchange them for soft greens that welcome more of the outside world in.

For years, we lived without curtains. Couldn’t afford them, or couldn’t prioritize the cost and attention when so much else demanded it. The reds were our first indulgence. I found them for $5 each in the clearance section of a home store. They sat unopened for months (or years), until we invested in the hardware to hang them–which included the use of tree branches, stripped of their bark by beavers.

The curtains complimented the comforter that we purchased in a previous year, an anniversary blessing, and a nod to my personal yearning for travel–for the return of faraway colors to my life. The comforter’s deep reds and light greens surprisingly matched a rug which had been the original bedroom kiss from an earlier anniversary.

I found the green curtains on sale last year, while the fluffy spring comforter–white with pale green petals–was a follow up indulgence, which I guilty left in its packaging, just in case, before I surrendered it to the washing machine.

Just this weekend, I found two bulky white laced accent pillows to complete the cloud ensemble.

This morning we’ll vacuum the room from top to bottom; turn the bed east; change over the comforter; add the new pillows; and then no doubt relocate the bureaus and book shelves and yoga props, until we are tense and irritated.

Our softening will come as the space comes together–welcoming the devotion of 30 years of love.

(update: the white of the pillows didn’t match the white of the comforter.)


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