Releasing the Role of a Lifetime

When a single pot cookie makes your marriage stronger…

The Empty Nest Diary

To whom are we beautiful as we go?

~David Ignatow

I can’t find it now, but there was an article (or maybe only a meme) that coined a new adolescence–for sixty-year olds–healthy, solvent, childless and ready for new adventure. A couple on a bike was pictured, legs outstretched, careening down hill (or maybe I imagined that.)

There’s something freeing (or anxiety producing) about your first-born reaching 20.

Maybe that explains it.

Or maybe it was the combination of two favorites: peanut butter & chocolate;
or the comfortable, familiarity of a potluck gathering;
or the long-awaited return of the sun on Winter Solstice;
or the friendly, innocent words: love & gluten-free–in the welcoming shape of a cookie.

All of these came at the tail end of a month–an entire fucking month–of hormonal headaches. (60 is still on the horizon for me.)

Nothing happened. Not really. Which was always the way it…

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One thought on “Releasing the Role of a Lifetime

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  1. *an entire fucking month–of hormonal headaches…*

    Too bad. Knowing what dose a cookie is, is really important. I haven’t had a horrid time but I know 2 others who had really, really bad time last year.
    Hubs had made it to the periphery of now and then, to the edge, floating…but enough that it was not fun. We laughed a lot that night.
    Have you watched This is 40? It’s pretty silly and funny. I LMAO when I watch it. Middle-age Adolescence is happening. Not sure if I should be happy or appalled with myself!


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