Casey’s 50 Things

Open Clip Art .com
Open Clip Art .com

My beloved turns 49 this September, and I suggested he turn his yearning for completion into a year-long adventure toward 50.

Here goes!

  1. Front steps
  2. Back steps
  3.  Attic stairs
  4. Sheetrock attic
  5. Install bathroom fan
  6. Finish stairs to basement
  7. Shelving on stair landing to basement
  8. Door on shop
  9. Continue organizing basement areas
  10. Label water lines in basement
  11. Create a chart to document filter changes
  12. Repair bulkhead leaks
  13. Wrap around patio
  14. Box in pipes
  15. Kid’s closet
  16. Bedroom balcony
  17. Finish master closet
  18. Shave doors
  19. Straighten doors
  20. Finish doors
  21. Remove ceiling nails
  22. Trim
  23. Spackling
  24. Painting
  25. Repair or replace kitchen cabinets
  26. Complete stone path to shower
  27. Continue stone wall behind garden
  28. Raise garden bed
  29. Screened porch
  30. Complete classroom website
  31. Continue morning pages
  32. Develop a consistent organizational system
  33. New prescription for glasses
  34. Apologize to mother for youthful neglect
  35. Retrieve losses
  36. Six-pack
  37. Retrieve self
  38. Fortify self-awareness
  39. Honor 25 years of marriage
  40. Clarity/individuation in emerging adult relationships with sons
  41. Reconnect with nature more regularly
  42. Integrate more yoga philosophy into classes
  43. A balanced relationship to lifting
  44. A healthy relationship with cardio work
  45. Continue exploration of Ayurveda and eating
  46. Release legacy of powerlessness
  47. Release SERVING for ACCEPTANCE
  49. AGENCY
  50. Self-Honoring

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