26 Birthdays

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I hope it’s not a sign of marital neglect that I haven’t written on our marriage blog since May, when I posted,  “Happy Anniversary, I don’t promise you anything.”

Some found that sentiment sobering for a 20th anniversary celebration, but I thought it risque. That was quite a party.

Last year, I dedicated my anniversary to our vacuum cleaner, which by the way we replaced for our 20th; which may have been one of the best gifts we’ve ever given to each other.

But this post isn’t about anniversaries, it’s about a birthday, the 26th birthday that I’ve celebrated with this man I love. The first was his 21st, and that’s hard to believe from these middle age seats.

In gratitude for the many, many birthdays that we’ve shared and for the gift of his life in mine, I wanted to roast a turkey and host a feast of Thanksgiving. But our oven broke, and the roads are flooded, and big feasts aren’t Casey’s thing.

Cooking all day would have been therapeutic for me, however, as September 8th is not only my beloved’s birthday, but the anniversary of my mother’s passing, eleven years ago at the heart-break of this day.

Instead, Casey is picking up a pizza and dvd, which is his kind of fun, and that’s what this day should be all about, even if he is spending it with a hundred freshman and day 5 of rain and flooding.

But love transcends the weather, and so I’d like to offer memories for each year I’ve spent with this guy that I picked up at the Crab House, 26 birthdays ago:

  1. Thanks for letting my strength be a challenge (and an aphrodisiac.)
  2. Loved our early trips to the Berkshires.
  3. And to Colorado.
  4. And to Europe.
  5. Thanks for sharing Grandma Anna with me.
  6. and for sharing me with my entire family.
  7. Thanks for loving them as much as you love your own.
  8. I appreciated you as an uncle first, and then a brother in law, and then a father.
  9. Thanks for the two amazing guys, we call sons.
  10. Thanks for leaving the shore for the mountains.
  11. For building us a home.
  12. For steeping in community with me.
  13. For sharing new adventures–on the inside.
  14. Like yoga.
  15. Non-violent communication.
  16. Mating in Captivity.
  17. Thanks for making me go to YogaDance training.
  18. and for helping me find my way back to the world.
  19. I’m blown away at the longevity of your appreciation for my gifts.
  20. I’m amazed at depth of your perception where ever  you choose to place it.
  21. Thanks for sharing your 21st with me, and every one thereafter.
  22. I admire  your love for your family and students and friends.
  23. I miss your early relationship with the Earth.
  24. Your groundedness keeps me from floating away.
  25. You have such a BIG heart.
  26. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Happy 46th Birthday My Love,

Keep them coming!



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