Till Death Do Us Part

Earlier this week, I wrote the post, “Happy Anniversary–I don’t promise you anything,” and now I want to confess that this isn’t the whole truth of our 21 year old marriage.

It is true that after all these years of watching relationships end, that Casey and I don’t believe it’s possible to promise something like “till death do us part;” and neither do we find it practical to say that “we will cherish one another all the days of our lives,” (especially since I wasn’t cherishing him on our way out the church); but what we do still believe in, more than ever, is not each other, but LOVE.

We don’t even have to promise to love each other forever because we know that love is stronger than promises; heck it’s even stronger than divorce; and it definitely surpasses death.

What we ARE committed to is prioritizing love–to continually work toward giving it a front and center seat in our lives.

Casey and I are so committed to LOVE that we don’t promise to stay with each other forever.  If there isn’t love–the “alive” kind that nurtures and invigorates–then we’re not willing to wilt on the vine together just because we once said, “I do.”

This type of commitment–without the promise of tomorrow–leaves us feeling fragile, and inspires us to tend to the preciousness of the gift we share, right now.

Kelly Salasin, May 18, 2011

on the eve of our 21st wedding anniversary


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