the Penis, a poem

(Author’s note:  Inspired by the book, Mating in Captivity by Esther Perel, I’ve dug up some of my older writing on sexuality, including this passionate rant that came about after the birth of my first child.)


i have always wanted to be POWERFUL in the expression of my sexuality
but have been taught otherwise

MEN are the powerful ones
the givers
the deciders

the penis
the pleasure of the penis
men have the strip clubs
the dirty jokes
the illicit magazines

THEY own sex
THEY define it

women are regulated to love
to the sensitive
all the movies show it
the books
our culture

but at the same time women are expected to be raucous and lusty
to further satisy the man

MEN’s cycles dictate
THEIR needs
THEIR desires

they are empowered by their brothers, friends, fathers;

while we are quietED, reMINDED, REPRIMANDED!

where is OUR sexuality in this culture?

WHEN does OUR pleasure matter?

by kelly salasin, december 29, 1996

4 thoughts on “the Penis, a poem

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  1. Thanks Bobi.
    I wrote this, possessed, many, many years ago. It came through me, right after a very satisfying sexual encounter with my husband which released pent up frustration with our culture and its affect–not just on me, but on all of us.


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