Organic Love

If you’ve been following this particular “marriage journey” then you know that Casey and I have been celebrating our 20th anniversary–all year long.


It’s this process of prioritizing our relationship–with monthly escapes–that has rejuvenated a wilting intimacy.  This is a remarkable feat following 15 years in the parenting trenches.

The revitalization of our relationship has been promising–but it’s also quite fragile.  Like any new growth, it needs regular attention.

That attention has fallen by the wayside this spring due to boys, bats and baseballs. It was only recently that Casey and I finally found the time (and energy) for a “date night”–while plans for this month’s “escape” haven’t been given a thought.

Fortunately, the tender plant of our love has been fed by a weekly ritual as well as the monthly one. Every Sunday, Casey and I escape to a cafe (or create one in our bedroom) to explore and share intentions for the week. This we do with a lovely book called The Life Organizer by Jen Louden.

I should clarify that this book is not designed “for couples”–which we find refreshing–because it allows us to focus on ourselves–and then to share that enlivened self with the other.

Having been in relationship to each other for close to a quarter of a century, we’ve learned that careful attention to “self” serves everyone–particularly at mid-life with all its complexities.

This weekly hour together can be the only time that we transcend the practical as a couple–but it keeps on giving all week long–helping to guide the daily “to do” with a greater sense of how we want “to be” in relationship to it–and each other.

This has been our organic process of tending the garden of our love.  How about you?

Kelly Salasin

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