The Last Artifact

Here’s the last wedding artifact dug up during this, my twentieth anniversary week.

Though my fiance was not entirely comfortable with stepping outside the box, I dismissed the traditional wedding party gifts of cuff links and earrings for something that was very “cutting edge” in 1990:


I remember the evening that Casey and I spent in the mall video store (there was no other place to buy them at the time.) We picked out something special for the 21 people in our wedding party–including our parents.  It was so much fun finding a video to match what we knew about each person.

Here’s the list of purchases.  It will bring you back.  Some are still classics!

The Money Pit


The Breakfast Club

St. Elmo’s Fire



Top Gun

Empire of the Sun

Stand by Me

A Fish Called Wanda


The In-Laws

Inner Space

Midnight Run

Quiet Man

Finnian’s Rainbow

Charlie Brown

Little House on the Prairie

Winnie the Pooh

Gulliver’s Travels

Disney Sing-a-Long

This list makes me wonder… what would be a cutting edge, out-of-the-box, gift for a wedding party these days? Or what did you give to your bridesmaids and groomsmen that was original in your own day?  Your comments welcome below!


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