Wedding Artifact, #2: COUNTDOWN

Our Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

Journal entry, February 19, 1990

3 month countdown to the wedding.  It’s crazy to think that ALL THESE HOURS of planning, imagining, nightmaring, shopping, reading and traveling are all for ONE day.

I’ve enjoyed all the work as much as it’s frustrated and worried me.  I don’t think Casey feels the same.  Ironically, it was he who wanted a big wedding–and I who was apprehensive of all its difficulties.

There’s so much left to do yet.  It REALLY is a LOT of work.  And now, it’s so close…

Still, 90 days seems like a lot of time.  12 weeks sounds less so.  And less than three months–terribly short!  Perspective is everything.

11 weeks

Sunday-1: Research honeymoon packages

Sunday-2: Work on wedding vows

Thursday: Tim’s funeral

Friday: Casey leaves to see his grandmother

Saturday: Pick up response cards

10 weeks

Tuesday: Court House Baker-wedding cake

Our Wedding Cake (with smear proof icing)

Wednesday: Macy’s for the tux

Thursday: Ob-gyn

Saturday: Jackies-hair cut

9 weeks

Sunday: Finish addressing invitations

Tuesday: Therapist

Wednesday: Chiropractor

Thursday: Send invitations

Saturday: On the Town Bridal-pick up wedding pumps

8 weeks

Sunday:  Natalie’s Boutique called, my dress is in

Monday: Patricia Jackson for wedding bands

Tuesday: Mrs. Martin’s for flower girl dress fitting

Wednesday: School Board Meeting for honeymoon leave request

Thursday: Eye doctor for contacts

Friday: Pick up Teacher ID for Europe travel

In the end, we opted for simple bands of gold.

7 weeks

Monday-1: Patricia Jackson’s for wedding band follow up

Monday-2:  Mrs. Martin’s for for flower girl fitting

Tueday: Natalies boutique for fitting

Wednesday: Dentist

Thursday-1: Student Council Meeting

Thursday 2-Patricia Jacksons to pick up wedding bands.

6 weeks

Monday: Bridal shower thank you notes

Wednesday: Natalie’s Boutique for fitting

Friday: Eye doctor to pick up contacts

5 weeks

FLORIDA to visit grandparents

4 weeks

Monday: Process wedding invitation responses

Our invitation. (Renoir)

Tuesday: Mattress shopping

Thursday-Eye doctor follow up

Friday: Jackie’s for trim

Saturday-1: Restaurant/Reception planning

Saturday-2: Natalie’s Bouquet, final fitting

3 weeks

Sunday-1:Pat Jackson’s engagement ring cleaned

Sunday-2: Florist

Monday-1: Mail playlist to DJ

Monday-2: Blood test

Tuesday-1: Staff Meeting

Tuesday-2: Dentist

Wednesday: Wildwood Linens

Thursday: Engagement photos, Cape May

Friday: Spring Formal/School

Journal Entries

2 weeks to the date.  Our wedding day will be a beginning,

and an ending.

What lies before us Casey?

Who knows what is to come–what joys and pains?

Astounding, mesmerizing, life can be… exhilarating and frightening at the same time.

Wedding bands and wedding cake, flowers and dresses, hor’doeuvres and thank you cards.  What part hath this in love?

Strange, bewildering, confusing… absorbing.

Sunday, May 6th

I want to be in control on my wedding day–at least before and during the actual wedding.  I don’t want to be swept under it or lost in it.  I want to know what’s happening and really enjoy EACH moment–like each bite of a sumptuous meal.  At the reception, I can be a little gone–I expect that.

2 weeks

Monday:  Call hotel

Tuesday: Virgina Hotel for room choice/amenities

Thursday: Eye doctor: contacts follow up

Friday-1: Jackies, hair

Friday-2: Pre-bridal photo shoot

Saturday: Maria’s wedding


Sunday-1: Church organist

Sunday-2: Restaurant/reception final plans

Monday: Student Council Meeting

Wednesday: Rings sized

Thursday:  Natalie’s Boutique, pick up gown

Friday-1: Travel agent, balance on airfare JFK to London; Eurail Pass

Friday-2: Rehearsal

Journal Entry, Saturday May 19, 1990, 6:00 am

My wedding day…


gloriously sunny

streams of sunlight run through the window shutters and caress my body,


Saturday: OUR WEDDING!

First Dance, May 19, 1990


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