Love Founded: 1986

Keep the fights clean and the sex dirty.

(Kyra Sedgewick & Kevin Bacon, from Secrets of Great Marriages )

Gustav Klimt, “The Kiss”,

I don’t know if anyone can really claim the “Secrets to Great Marriages” (like the book quoted above), or even commonly define “great,” but I’m certain there’s lots to learn along the way–about yourself, about life, about love.

For me the most important thing is to keep it real–and that takes time, and attention and courage. In 25+ years of marriage (and 30+ years of sex, love & devotion–in that order), Casey and I have discovered that our promises are less important than our willingness to take the risks necessary to keep growing–together–and apart.

Surprisingly there are few interested in that exploration so your company on the journey is much appreciated. Take a look around to find something that resonates for you, and share your thoughts…



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